Hey Y’all

****We are slowly getting Who Doo wear back out into the world. Please be patient  with the shipping and delivery. My products come from all over the world, which means different problems with the supply chain.Each piece is made to order, so my printers are backlogged. Hopefully they will catch up soon.  (Shipping is taking 4-15 days for masks) Stay Safe!


Who Doo Arts makes odd art for unique people like yourself. Check out my wares that are inspired by my abstract paintings. This Creative Chick, is bringing a piece of the quirky South to you through my clothing, shoes and accessories.

About Who Doo Arts

Hi, this is Susan Sorrell and I am the owner/artist of Who Doo Arts. Who Doo arts came about when I finally decided to start going to the gym. I noticed that all the leggings were black or just ok when it came to designs. So, I started researching on how I could get my own paintings printed and made into leggings! Well, one thing always leads to another and now I have boots, clothing, beach towels and swimsuits! Everything in the store is custom made and the quality is awesome. I wear and use my own products just to make sure that what I am selling is something I would buy. I don’t keep inventory, so you have to be patient when you submit an order. But it is worth the wait! Come and join The Who Doo nation and live out loud!



If you are interested in my Who Doo Charm Dolls, check out my shop at  WWW.WHODOOMARKET.COM