New Who Doo Products for 2019

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Who Doo Arts has been really busy and added a bunch of new products for 2019!! We have headbands, skater skirts, boots, socks, bathing suits, sweatshirts, rash guards and sporting bras!!! Of course we have tried out most of the products and wear them ourselves!  (But since it is cold right now, we haven’t bought a swimsuit or skater skirt yet)

One of our favorite new products are the canvas boots!!! They are really well made and colorful! Susan has been wearing them almost everyday and she says they are really comfortable. 

But if you aren’t ready for funky boots, start out in The Who Doo Socks! The color is saturated and will not wash out. 

Zipper the studio dog is jealous that we don’t have doggie socks for him too. But that might be a future product!!! 

Come and live out loud with us and wear some Who Doo clothing!!


The Who Doo team

”Odd Art For Unique People”

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